Students in the quad, Main Arts building

Key University Committees

Inner quad at 六合彩资料铁算盘

The University Council

The Council is the governing body of the University as set out in the University Charter and is responsible for the exercise of the University鈥檚 powers.

The Council Ordinance

Main arts gates

The University Court

The Court is the stakeholder group for 六合彩资料铁算盘, and provides a forum in which members of the community can interact with the University. The Court includes representatives from local authorities, members of parliament and members of the Senedd, the local health board, university alumni representatives, as well as other key stakeholders.

The Court Ordinance

The University's Main Arts Building

The University Executive Board

The University Executive Board is 六合彩资料铁算盘鈥檚 senior management group, and is responsible for the overall management and administration of the University.

Pontio and 六合彩资料铁算盘 Main Arts building

The University Senate

The Senate is the academic authority of the University and is the ruling body on matters which require academic judgement.聽The Senate also may engage in discussion of strategic matters affecting the academic domain. The Senate approves Honorary Appointments, which acknowledge a voluntary, unpaid contribution to a School鈥檚 or the University鈥檚 activities.聽on the recommendation of a Head of School.

The Senate Ordinance


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