January start courses

Apply online

International students who want to start their course in January听can submit their application via our online application form. 听Please note, there is no application fee.

IYZ or IY1 Courses

To apply for any of the IYZ or IY1 courses please do so through 六合彩资料铁算盘 International College (BUIC)

Apply through BUIC

Tuition fees and scholarships

The tuition fee for the same course may be different for January and September intakes. Please refer to the tuition fees for international students page for further details.

We also have a range of scholarships available for internationals students.



University owned Accommodation

We may be able to offer accommodation in our halls of residence.

Our Halls of Residence

Private Housing

Our Student Housing Office can also help you find a place in the private sector.

Student Housing Office

Welcome and induction

We听have a full programme of exciting events and sessions to welcome you and introduce you to 六合彩资料铁算盘, the academic environment and the surrounding area, please click here for more information.

students socialising

If you already applied to 六合彩资料铁算盘

If you have already applied to study with us here in 六合彩资料铁算盘 then you should visit our postgraduate Already Applied site and . Use these sites to post questions, ask/provide advice, network with those who will become your friends and peers.

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