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Funded Projects

History and Culture

A historic black and white picture taken of the previous Pollecoff Department store on 六合彩资料铁算盘 High Street with what is presumably, Mr Pollecoff standing outside the front door

Prof. Nathan Abrams Celebrating North Wales Jewish History & the Pollecoff Family

In partnership with Varcity (developers of T欧 Pollecoff House), Menter Fachwen and the Discover Project, an in-depth analysis of the Pollecoff family was undertaken in order to raise awareness of Jewish history in Wales and to promote and emphasise the contribution of Jews to the history of the wider community. An exhibition was showcased at the University鈥檚 Community Day in October. 听

鈥淲e have begun to raise awareness of the impact of the Pollecoff family on 六合彩资料铁算盘 and beyond leading to much positive feedback鈥 (Professor Nathan Abrams, Professor in Film).


A group made up of International students, staff and children on a beach surrounded by litter bags having recently undertaken a beach clean up

Dr Marcel Ferrand Project Internationals GoGreen

Organised by the International Student Support Office this project brought over 50 students, local community members and the North Wales Wildlife Trust together through environmental activities in an organised Beach Clean on the Lleyn Peninsula and a Marine Wildlife Day on Anglesey.听

鈥淚t was a great opportunity for students to change their daily schedule and embark on exciting adventures in nature. This was equally as exciting for staff and volunteers of the Trust, who spent the day with international people learning from their cultures, their ways of practising sustainability and building community bridges to take better care of our planet鈥 (Dr Marcel Clusa Ferrand, Student Support Manager).

A group of 4 women gardening surrounded by wheel barrows and gardening equipment

Natalie Chivers Therapeutic Horticultural Practitioner

The Community Fund enabled staff to commission a Therapeutic Horticultural Practitioner who, in partnership with the Friends of Treborth Botanic Garden, was able to support the regular community group and welcome new volunteers from diverse backgrounds. The funding has increased capacity enormously and allowed staff to engage more members of the community.听

鈥淭hrough this project we have also been able to welcome back some volunteers who struggled through the pandemic with various personal challenges. And furthermore, this funding has allowed us to use the project to apply for further support, and we were awarded 拢2200 from HEFCW to continue our Friday sessions for the foreseeable future鈥 (Natalie Chivers, Curator Treborth Botanic Garden).听


A member of staff presenting at a conference in Neuadd Reichel to a group of (seated) delegates

Dr Louise Prendergast Spotlight on Palliative & End of Life Care Conference

In collaboration with Compassionate Cymru Garedig, Mantell Gwynedd and the School of Medical and Health Sciences, a conference at Neuadd Reichel was held to explore the ideas and perspectives from individuals interested in, and affected by, the issues of palliative and end of life care.听

鈥淚 am applying for funding for a Health Care Research Wales fellowship following on from this workshop and I hope to hold another community engagement event soon, as I was really pleased by how much interest there was in this area鈥 (Dr Louise Prendergast, Research Officer).

a purple coloured poster with BU logo promoting the 'Am Waith Cymdeithasol' Podcast, four images of the speakers taking part in the podcast

Wendy Roberts Social Care and Wellbeing Podcast

Led by a Lecturer in Social Work, the Community Fund funded the production of four Welsh Language podcasts addressing social care and wellbeing in Wales, the importance of bilingual care, and how the University's MA Social Work course benefits and supports local charities, councils and third sector agencies.听

鈥淭he podcast has offered an opportunity for us to create and strengthen relationships with partner agencies, and it has offered an opportunity not only for us to raise the profile of the various agencies, but also to highlight and discuss some of the social challenges that we face in society today鈥 (Wendy Roberts, Lecturer in Social Work)听


A group of 7 school children following instructions from leader in a computer workshop setting

Ben Roberts Build a PC Workshop

The team at M-SParc #ArYLon Pwllheli organised and hosted a full day鈥檚 workshop for 10 local GSCE students in collaboration with North Wales Recycle IT in September. Students were given the opportunity to dismantle and re-build a PC and rewarded with being able to take the computer home at the end of the day.听听

鈥淚 don't have a computer at home, this is really going to help me with my schoolwork鈥 (local student)

鈥淲hat struck me the most was how diligently the young people worked all day, listened and learned, and took the opportunity seriously鈥 (Ben Roberts, On Tour and Digital Project Officer)听


A group of 4 young girls kneeling down and discussing tactics before a rugby game

Dr Julian Owen Injury Risk in Grassroots Female Youth Rugby

As part of the World Rugby funded research project examining injury risk, staff at the School of Psychology and Sport Science engaged with some 300 female rugby players across the nine Welsh Rugby Union female hubs in north Wales and commissioned a bilingual film to capture the spirit of female youth rugby in the region. The follow-on project resulting from this collaboration will be the World Rugby funded Welsh Injury Surveillance in Girls Youth Rugby project (WISGYR).听

鈥淭he insights gained form this engagement include the importance of individualised approaches to developing relationships with hubs and the importance of continued engagement through our research project鈥 (Dr Julian Owen, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science).

a group of displaced citizens congregating on a football pitch enjoying a chat with members of a local charity football team

Chris Roberts Football Freedom Project 2023

Building on the partnership between 六合彩资料铁算盘 and north Wales Dragons and as part of Refugee Week 2023, the team welcomed 35 displaced citizens from the Manchester area in June and facilitated a day of football at the University鈥檚 4G Football Pitch. An opportunity to share cultural experiences, the delights of North Wales all through the medium of football, a great day was had by all!听

鈥淭he nature was amazing, one side sea, one side green fields with sheep and cows. The university, hospitality and football grounds were memorable and I learned a lot about 六合彩资料铁算盘, its culture, language and history, I enjoyed it, and it changed my mood. I needed to go on a short trip鈥 (Mahin 鈥 visitor)

鈥淔riday鈥檚 event was an amazing opportunity to share cultural education and awareness and create a space for discussing educational and employment opportunities. It was a healing experience for many who found new friendships and partnerships鈥 (Chris Roberts, Engineer, Campus Services)听听

2 female members of staff in their Wales Football Kit flying a Welsh flag following a recent competition

Sar Furlong & Cerys Gadd Island Games 2023

The Community Fund supported two members of Professional Services staff when they travelled to Guernsey in July and represented Ynys M么n at the Women鈥檚 Football 2023 NatWest International Games. The Football Association of Wales credited the team to play in the official Wales kit and the event attracted much attention on social media.听

鈥淭hank you for helping in making this possible鈥 (Cerys Gadd, Student Administration).听

Children and Young People

A University room filled with round tables of school children attending a Youth Sumit, lecturer is standing at the front of the room next to a power point screen delivering a presentation

Nia Young & Dr Beth Edwards A High Street presence for Children & Young People in 六合彩资料铁算盘 City Centre

A scoping exercise involving community consultations, questionnaires and a Mental Health and Wellbeing Youth Summit held in the University in November, set out to explore the needs of Children & Young People in the local area. The project led by colleagues in the School of Education and the Careers and Employability Service saw over 100 young people contribute to different engagement events over the course of the project.

鈥淟inking up with the Children鈥檚 University is already underway and we hope to continue these activities in order to gain further evidence to support additional project funding (Dr Beth Edwards, Enterprise Education Development Co-ordinator)鈥

A young child standing surrounded by letters with the words 'Llais Dyslecsia' written in larger font

Dr Ruth Elliott Building on the collaboration with Literature Wales and Llais Dyslecsia

Led by the School of Human and Behavioural Sciences, the Community Fund helped to fund a project that built on the existing collaboration with Literature Wales and Llais Dyslecsia and collate the experiences of children and adults living with dyslexia in the wider community, particularly in the Welsh language.

鈥淲e are awaiting confirmation of further funding that will enable us to work with school pupils with neurodiverse and literacy difficulties through the medium of the arts (Dr Ruth Elliott, Specialist Study Skills Tutor)鈥.听

Projects to be completed in 2024

  • Led by Dr Emily Holmes (North Wales Medical School): A stakeholder engagement event to promote, plan and implement Active Travel in north Wales in partnership with the Wales Active Travel Research Consortium.听
  • Led by Dr Rob Elias (BioComposites Centre): To develop a short promotional video and host an event in partnership with the Menai Strait鈥檚 Heritage Sailing organisation which currently offers members of the local community with certain health conditions the opportunity to explore the Menai Straits on their fleet of boats.听
  • Led by Professor Zoe Skoulding (School of Arts, Culture and Language): In partnership with Literature Wales, funding will allow for groups of local sixth form students to participate in a series of English Literature and creative masterclasses and introduce them to ways in which creative writing can support both personal and environmental wellbeing.听
  • Led by Professor Raluca Radulescu (School of Arts, Culture and Language): A collaboration between Creative Gwynedd, a local storyteller and a Fine Artist to improve enjoyment and the quality of life through cultural engagement for a locally based Dementia Group.
  • Led by Professor John Parkinson (School of Psychology and Sport Science): In collaboration with Eryri National Park, funding will support local schoolchildren to develop pitches for climate action proposals and a promotional campaign in preparation for a Youth Summit (COPA 1) to be held on Yr Wyddfa later this year.听
  • Led by Donna Dixon (School of Education): Funding to develop the production of a short film highlighting the challenges and opportunities in the digital landscape that will make its debut at the Urdd National Eisteddfod 2024 and a Youth Summit in Pontio later this year.听
  • Led by Professor Stephen Doughty (North Wales Medical School): A series of community stakeholder events to be held across the region in partnership with Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. Funding will engage Patients, Hospital Pharmacists and Community & Primary Care Practitioners to contribute to the development of a new Pharmacy provision at 六合彩资料铁算盘.听

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